Our Grandmothers from North America


She loved us through food. Her's was classic black southern cooking. Her mac and cheese was always there - for any occasion. And, *everyone* loved it. But she made a lot of other amazing things too: sweet potato pie, peach cobbler, green beans with the pork fat in them, shrimp and rice, rice and gravy, collard greens, turnips, pickled beets and...fried chicken. Her fried chicken was the best!


I met Betty through one of her and her daughter Anna’s former students, who invited me to one of Betty’s teatimes. My friend had raved about the Kindergarten Bread he learned to make when he was four, and still makes to this day.


The only way to get to Lasqueti is by passenger ferry, so you can imagine the surprise when a bear showed up one autumn and started pillaging the island’s apple orchards. Consensus is that it must have floated in on a log.


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