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Below you will find the donors, designers, writers, recipe testers, grandmothers, and other generous, talented people who have contributed to this website.  Explore their links where available, and please do spread the word about the wonderful work they are doing. A great big thank you to everyone listed here, and to my friends and family. This couldn’t have happened without you. ~Jessica xo

Websites don't happen by themselves! 

This one exists thanks to the following talented people....

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Rosemary and David Adamson // Maggie Fieldsteel // Pam and Gordon Mitchard // Kathleen Shaw


Featured Writers, Photographers, Videographers, and Cooks 

Paola Ferrario is an internationally recognized artist and Guggenheim fellow who uses photography and other means of mechanical reproduction to re-define ordinary environments and subjects. She is the author of “19 Pictures 22 Recipes", a meditation on food, photography and human capability. Currently she is the 2016-17 Harnish Visiting Artist at Smith College. Paola wrote and photographed the story on her grandmother, Ambrogina and contributed the wonderfully thought-provoking piece, The Honorary Nonna, for the journal.

Stu Fisher is a fabulous home cook, whose inspiration in the kitchen stems from his grandmothers. Jessica interviewed him for the piece on his Oma, Elizabeth Fisher; he additionally contributed recipes to accompany the story.

Paola Gianturco is an author/photographer who has documented women’s lives in 60 countries, had five books published---and is a grandmother. Her involvement with women’s issues is long standing: she has lectured about them internationally, spoken at UNESCO International Headquarters on International Women’ s Day 2008, co-developed and taught Executive Institutes on Women and Leadership at Stanford University, and served on the Board of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). She was named one of "40 Women to Watch over 40" and one of "21 Leaders for the 21st Century". Jessica interviewed her here about what she saw and learned working on her fifth book, Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon.

Sara Maamouri is the highly talented and incredibly patient video editor of the Cooking with Italian Grandmothers films. Additionally, she is quite the home cook and food writer, and will be creating a piece on her Tunisian aunt Esma for the site.


The Grandmother Gatherers and other Magic Makers

Find 5+ elders for the site and become an official Grandmother Gatherer

Courtney Allen, Sarah Fieldsteel, Maggie Fieldsteel, Michelle Fuerst, Emily Green, Matthew Perault,

Melissa Thompson, Martha Rose ShulmanSarah Weiner

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